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Ben Ellman
28 June 2011

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A kid in Montreal
20 June 2011

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I love my boat...
25 February 2011

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9 August 2010

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Coffee reflection
10 May 2010

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Blissful Light
4 March 2010

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Sunrise from the Taj Mahal
18 November 2008

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Independance wall
17 August 2008

Recent Comments

rem_la on Action
superbe cette scene !

Alexandre on A kid in Montreal
I changed the watermark :) Thanks for the comments.

Curly on A kid in Montreal
Great portrait, just wish your watermark didn't go across his face.

DIMITRIOS on A kid in Montreal
great shot**** please do not put writing in the middle of photo!

daiyen on The church's bird
Interesting POV. The lightings make the bird status looks more captivating!

Daiyen on Mesjid Raya Baiturrahman at sunset
Nice exposure of lightings and moment of sunset for the beautiful colours. I like the framing with the reflection too! ...

uvaraj on Mesjid Raya Baiturrahman at sunset
Simply Exquisite !!! Great work :)

eddo on Mesjid Raya Baiturrahman at sunset
Nice long exposure. ISO 50!

hossein on Nice shot!
great cadre bandit

hossein on Baby monk
very good shot

hossein on Thaipusam Piercing
WOooow god mee

Phil David Alexander Morris on Thaipusam Piercing
Great photograph.

Dimitrios, think positive. on Thaipusam Piercing
oh my goodness................

Self-Indulgence on Blissful Light
Beautiful color and light. Your pov is spectacular!

pierrot on Baby monk
Very nice photo of this young mon

Curly on Blissful Light
Absolutely superb, a real eye catcher, better than mine!

Alexandros on Mechanic
nice vintage feel in the colours

Curly on Mechanic
Great portrait placing him firmly in his environment, nice processing too. I guess he has good knees and a strong back!

k@ on Pride of Malaysia

k@ on Mechanic
This is a superb portrait and your frame is so good ! Love you included the foreground here

Daiyen on Mechanic
Nice capture. I like his expression, and the treatment of colours, which show interesting scenes of the man at work.

Daiyen on The Lion
Interesting POV, DOF and lighting contrast. I like the tone and the way the picture includes the shadow of another ...

Daiyen on Sunset in Casino land
I like the effect of the slow shutter that give the colourful effect of moving vehicle.

Daiyen on Wonderful Yangshuo
I like the layers of tones and lightings. The sky looks dynamic.

Daiyen on Pride of Malaysia
Very interesting point of view, with nice colours and contrast. Great night scene shot!

Self-Indulgence on Pride of Malaysia
This is a stunning image, you used a great perspective.

Poonam on Invisible danger
Hi alex great pic man ... It must be so exciting to capture the pictures live ... I know ur agreat guy for all these ...

Theys on Invisible danger
I love the b&W. It works perfectly.

zahra on Invisible danger
wow,very cool.

Daiyen on Invisible danger
Very nice documentary shot. The door form a natural frame cum isolation from the main subject. Good captured!

Tony Duque on Sunset on Lady of Penha
Wonderful shot, Alexandre! Amazing yellow glow with the blues on high... fascinating cloud structures. Love your ...

Muy Caliente on Sunset on Lady of Penha
great shot, thanks for sharing!

JannuD on Sunset on Lady of Penha
the gold on the silhouette is great

Daiyen on Chinese opera
Very colourful and nicely captured moment of the expression.

Stephen Phillips on Sunrise at Teluk tempoyak
Luscious! A compelling human study. A reflection of timelessness, modernization, and human toil.

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